Meet our Founder

Sherry is a Maryland native who has always had an unwavering passion for the arts and all things beautiful. As a child, she would lose herself in playing dress-up, twirling in her mother's skirts and fur coats, and using her creative talents to turn her father's shirts into dresses. Her love for creativity and style led her to pursue a degree in the arts in Philadelphia. However, life had different plans for her when she met her husband and became a mother to three daughters. Despite these changes, Sherry remained committed to her dreams and aspirations. Through faith and determination, she successfully transitioned into the role of a nurse while continuing to fuel her creativity and passion for the arts. Over time, she began to re-evaluate her values and priorities, which led her to rediscover her love for the arts and her unique talent for finding beauty in the most unexpected places. This newfound inspiration gave birth to Attiress (Attire + Goddess), a boutique that celebrates the beauty and strength of women who embrace their femininity and self-love. Attiress is the embodiment of Sherry's creativity and vision, and it empowers women to express their individuality and enhance their beauty with thoughtful, stylish pieces that capture the essence of femininity. With Attiress, women can feel confident and self-expressive, knowing that they are celebrating their unique beauty and strength. Sherry has channeled her creativity and vision into a brand that empowers women to embrace their individuality and celebrate their beauty with Attiress.