About us


Welcome! Attiress is a Maryland-based online boutique where we are passionate about celebrating women and their love for fashion. Our boutique is built on the principles of simplicity and positivity. The core of our brand is intentionally minimalistic and offers a classic aesthetic with a subtle infusion of contemporary elements. We cultivate a culture where women can feel inspired and uplifted while exploring apparel staples and a few statements. The elevated everyday wear exudes femininity and enhances natural beauty, designed for women who embrace self-love and feminine expression. We believe every woman is masterfully created, unique, and naturally beautiful.
Beauty is not only in outward appearance but also lies within intentions and actions. So that we may serve with confidence Attiress continues to execute collections that incorporate eco-conscious products as we expand our inventory. Our team travels the United States to find wholesalers that offer quality fabrications and inspiring styles that align with our principles. We hope you enjoy exploring our carefully curated collections and that our values resonate with you. We invite all who share a passion for fashion and all those who love life and the many outfits that go along with it. Together let's celebrate women, fashion, and the beauty of being true to ourselves.